Statesville Housing Authority is centrally located in Iredell County, with our main office at 110 West Allison Street, Statesville, North Carolina.

Statesville Housing Authority was established in 1968 to provide low income citizens with safe, clean, and affordable housing and help improve their quality of life.

The Housing Authority operates as a governmental unit chartered by the City of Statesville through the Department of Housing and Urban Development, representing the US Federal Government.  The City Mayor appoints the Board of Commissioners; we currently have a five (5) member board.  The Housing Board governs the hiring of the Executive Director and has ultimate responsibility to ensure that the agency operates in compliance with HUD and Federal Government policies.  The Executive Director acts on behalf of the Board, directing the day to day operations and ensuring that the vision and plans set out by the Board are implemented.

SHA Board meetings are held at the main office:

110 West Allison Street, the 4th Tuesday of each month beginning at 5:30 pm.

Statesville Housing Authority is responsible for the administration of:

  • Public Housing – Units that are owned and operated within the City limits
  • Housing Choice Vouchers – Financial assistance of families in Iredell County with private landlords providing the physical structure
  • Building resilient families by collaborating with several public agencies and private organizations to provide a wide array of support services for residents, enabling them to become productive and self-sufficient citizens.
  • Management of like programs to promote the furtherance of Fair Housing

Darbah T. Skaf, Executive Director


Bruce Johnson - Chairperson

Bernardeane Moton - Vice Chairperson

Luz Casteneda

Carolyn Gray

Mission Statement:

The Statesville Housing Authority mission is to provide affordable, quality housing for low to moderate income person(s) and to improve their quality of life.


“Building Community Bridges Through Partnerships”

Value Statement:

The Statesville Housing Authority shall operate in an environment where all employees will be expected to:
  • Operate effectively in a decentralized organization with minimum bureaucracy
  • Have a sense of ownership
  • Exhibit an attitude of cooperation and team spirit
  • Demonstrate a sense of respect for each other
  • Act in an ethical and professional manner with each other, clients, and the general public
  • Be ambassadors of good will for the Authority
  • Support a work environment that emphasizes trust and freedom
  • Lead by example